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Billhop AB Announces Strategic Partnership with Eurocard

Billhop & Eurocard PartnershipBillhop announces strategic partnership with Eurocard


  • Billhop AB announces strategic partnership with Eurocard
  • Their joint proposition streamlines the payables processes for businesses
  • Virtual cards from Eurocard will be fully supported and generated directly in Billhop AB's bill payment platform

[SWEDEN, 20/02/2014] - Billhop AB, the leading card-enablement platform, announces a strategic partnership with Eurocard, the foremost commercial card issuer in the Nordics.

The partnership will allow corporate clients within the Nordic region to pay any bill or invoice with Eurocard’s virtual cards, including those from suppliers who do not accept card payments.

This innovative payment approach enables businesses to take on the card processing costs instead of suppliers, granting them enhanced access to their built-in credit lines.

It further streamlines the payables process and facilitates faster payments to one-time, low-volume suppliers with no supplier enrolment or set up required.

Eurocard’s virtual cards will be directly embedded in Billhop AB's smart bill payment platform, streamlining the payment process, while ensuring enhanced security and precise control over expenses.

“Staying ahead of the curve is imperative in the world of B2B transactions,” said Tashi Gauffin, Chief Commercial Officer at Billhop AB. “Virtual cards offer a forward-thinking approach to payment solutions and provide unparalleled spend management control. By leveraging Eurocard’s virtual cards through Billhop AB's card enablement platform, businesses can ensure more efficient and secure financial transactions.”

“By partnering up with Billhop AB we now strengthen our value proposition for our corporate customers and enable them to handle long-tail payments more efficiently,” said Erik Hallmén, partner responsible at Eurocard.

At present, most B2B suppliers are not equipped to accept virtual card payments. Billhop AB's innovative solution will allow enterprises to increase operational efficiency and keep up with the rapid digitisation of B2B payments.

More information about Billhop AB and its payment solutions can be found at www.billhop.com

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About Eurocard

Eurocard offer payment solutions for all kinds of companies and organisations and are a leader on the Nordic market with a wide range of cards, travel accounts and various tools for administration and follow-up that can be adapted to national and international operations. The accessibility and freedom offered by us has contributed to setting the standard for other debit and credit cards on the market since 1965. To learn more, visit www.eurocard.com


About Billhop

Founded in 2012 with the express aim to address the low card acceptance rate in the B2B sphere, Billhop AB’s mission has always been to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers everywhere. By revolutionising the way businesses pay one another, Billhop AB enables companies to smooth out cash flow irregularities, gain process efficiencies and improve their working capital. To learn more, visit www.billhop.com.